Five years ago, in February 2019, our ministry embarked on a journey to share the love of Christ on Houston's streets. In those early days, we encountered a profound need, igniting a call to action that would define Bread For Life Ministry's destiny.

On November 23, 2019, our ministry's mission took a significant turn as we began serving dinner to the homeless on Thanksgiving Day. This pivotal moment widened our eyes to the struggles of the homeless community, igniting a passion within us to address their vital needs.

Since that transformative day, our commitment to the homeless has only grown stronger. We deeply value and welcome all acts of kindness and support to further our mission.

Recognizing that life's challenges often require divine intervention, we are driven to extend our hands and hearts to those who have lost hope in their future.

Our story is not solely ours to tell. It's a collective story tied together from the experiences of those who endure adversity, homelessness, degradation, embarrassment, and loneliness. Who have lost sight of their self-worth.

Together, we can become a beacon of compassion and transformation, offering the human love they so desperately need.

Mission Statement:
To provide nourishment shelter and encouragement to homeless individuals offering a pathway back to stability self-worth and independence.

Vision Statement:
Build a community where homelessness is eradicated and not tolerated. Where compassion takes first place in the hearts of everyone and the community provides sustainable support to those who needed most.